A happy marriage helps you sleep 快樂的婚姻幫助睡眠 《中英對照讀新聞》A happy marriage helps you sleep 快樂的婚姻幫助睡眠 Unhappy marriages do cause sleepless nights, a new stu 個人信貸dy has shown. 不快樂的婚姻確實會造成失眠的夜晚,一份新研究顯示。 Evidence presented at Sleep 2008, the 22nd Annual M 賣屋eeting of the Associated Professional Sleep Societies (APSS) showed that women who were happy in their marriage were less likely to h 澎湖民宿ave difficulty falling or staying asleep. 睡眠協會22屆年會「睡眠2008」公布的證據顯示,婚姻快樂的女性,比較不會有難以入睡或保持沉睡的問題。 They were 裝潢 also less likely to wake too early in the morning. 她們也比較不會太早在早上醒來。 The study, by researchers from the University of Pittsburgh, looked at 1,938 marr seoied women with an average age of 46 years. 這份由匹茲堡大學研究員進行的研究,調查1938位平均年齡46歲的已婚婦女 。 The scientists asked the women about their marital happiness, t 澎湖民宿he quality of their sleep and whether they had any problems nodding off. 科學家詢問這些女性的婚姻幸福度、她們的睡眠品質,以及會不會有打盹的問題。 According to the results, happily married women were 澎湖民宿less likely than unhappy ones to have problems sleeping. 根據研究結果,婚姻幸福的女性,比較不會像婚姻不幸福者有睡眠問題。 The researchers believe that doctors should look at the quality of a patient’s relationshi 酒店經紀p when they treat their sleep problems. 研究人員認為,醫師治療病患的睡眠問題時,應該觀察他們(婚姻)關係的品質。 新聞辭典 have problems:have problems後面接現在分詞,指的是做…事情有問題,若是have no problem 後面接現在分 帛琉詞,則指做…事情沒有問題。所以I have problems sleeping at night.指的是晚上入睡有問題。 asleep:睡著的。例句:He seems to be fast asleep.(他好像睡得很熟。) nod off:打盹。例句:He was nodding off by the fire.(他在爐火邊打盹。) 自由時報-970 房屋買賣619  .
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